This is a fantastic find and straight out of the estate of a very vintage collection who had been collecting since the 1950’s according to his surviving family members.  The rear lot number Ckl 4089 is late war dating from the year 1944 according to Brian Ice’s lot data book which shows all helmets ranging from 4060-4090 and M38’s having the large “C” as opposed to the small “c” as seen on earlier ckl lots.  The helmet feels great in hand as do all paratroopers size 68 and 71.  The liner system is 100% original and has a nice dark honey brown tan with faint factory and size stampings gently obscured over time.  All threading on the liner passes the black light test and it has a musty smell to it over all which is exactly what you want to see. The chinstrap is also original and has a nice clean cut line on one of the ends suggesting a cadaver cut.  The inside paint is 100% original and completely untouched.  My narrative on this particular helmet is that it would have left the factory in 1944 as a late war no decal helmet and then used hard during the last year of the war.  When it came back to the US as a GI souvenir it probably had a lot of surface rust and just wasn’t that attractive to a 1950-70’s collector who decided to paint over the outside surface with this very cool and menacing muted camo paint job and aggressive cage wire system to give it a better overall look.  The wire has been on there so long that you can see a marriage between the steel of the wire and the paint itself so I feel that this is really a very very old restoration job.  Most new collectors I think would be fooled by this beauty and who knows maybe there is even a chance that the outside paint and wiring is legit as the original owner has long since passed and so we are left to speculate at this point.  I’ve priced it very very fairly I feel as it’s worth that amount in original parts alone.  Who knows maybe the original factory paint beneath has been preserved over time and there’s a lot of it still left if you ever want to remove the current outside paint.  Overall a pretty cool looking lid!!!

$2500 SOLD – Tom, CA


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