M40 Q64 WAFFEN SS SD HELMET (Restored)

This helmet is fresh out of my workshop. I started out with a mint M40 Q64 later war shell and then took one of my original size 57 outer liner bands and changed it out from the former reproduction version for great authenticity. I then did a full repaint of smooth factory finish feld grau on the inside and a gritty textured finish to the paint on the outside. Then I added one of my new created in house Waffen-SS decals which are made using a white metallic ink and then faded onto the helmet to give it than worn down vintage look. I currently have 5 inhouse version of the SS decals or one to match every helmet manufacturer. As you can see this is the correct Quist version as the left rune bottom edge ends slightly below the outside shield break line with thin outer shield border lines just like the ones used at the factory.

My SS decals are custom made by myself personally in house and so I can recreate the same or a similar helmet for you upon request. If you don't have an original German shell to work with please drop me a line and I would be glad to show what I have in stock for restoration. Since most historical re-enactors have a modern larger size head over the past 5 years all 66 and especially 68 shells have become rather scarce and difficult to come by. I basically restore them as I receive them however I normally can hunt down specific shells sizes if given enough time.

$450 SOLD

Shipping to Anywhere USA: $22

PO Box 555
Champlain, NY 12919-0555

Please call, text or email me if interested.
Tel/Text: 1-438-502-5052
Email Us: helmetsofwar@gmail.com

(Every original German helmet produced from 1935 to 45 had two factory stampings punched into the side and rear or both in the rear.  The alpha numeric number refers to the factory location and the inside metric circumference in centimeters.  The rear lot number refers to the production run and was used as a quality control measure. The font styles used at each factory were slightly different but highly consistent throughout the war and so fakes or reproductions will either not have these numbers at all or they will use the wrong font style or letter spacing and so are easily identified as post war made.)

(FS or EF)-Emaillierwerke AG, Fulda, Germany
(ET or ckl)-Eisenhuttenwerke, Thale, Germany
(Q)-Quist, Esslingen, Germany
(NS)-Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte, Germany
(SE or hkp)-Sachsische Emaillier u. Stanzwerke, Lauter, Germany

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