Call/Text:  1-438-502-5052

Please contact us directly to order either by phone or email or texting however a simple text will typically  get you a faster response as I am not always near my computer preferring to work in my shop instead. Payments can be made in the form of a personal check or money order with a strong personal preference to US postal money orders.  I will in fact offer FREE DOMESTIC shipping for any and all postal money payments for completed helmets or multiple restoration work i.e. 2 or more helmets.  Paypal is possible however for values over $500 it would have to be in the form of a personal friend to friend to be secure and since they have a strict policy against using their service for anything Nazi related so please specify in the subject line "military helmet" or just "steel helmet" and not "WW2 german helmet".

Helmets of War Inc.
P.O. Box 555
Champlain, NY 12919


For new customers I haven't done any business with before payment must be sent as a non fee based format i.e. person to person or gift payment which is more secure against fraudulent credit card charge backs.  I had one customer in the past buy a $825 German helmet only to send back a $40 Swiss helmet of a similar weight.  Since they had returned tracking numbers of a similar weight and box size dimension Paypal gave them a full refund including shipping no questions asked as it appeared that they were returning the same helmet that they received.  So in general I am rather weary of accepting Paypal altogether because of the way their system works which makes it very easy to defraud an honest seller.   Once I have an established buying relationship with a known customer I don't mind accepting Paypal for all future dealings.

$20 USA

Helmets of War Inc.
P.O. Box 555
Champlain, NY 12919


Unlike some of my competitors I do not live in a bubble and am willing to ship to any country in the world except for mainland China or any break away Soviet nation with a corrupt government still in power. Most of the time these countries end in "STAN".  As long as I can trust your postal system than I am more than happy to mail out any helmet directly to wherever you live.

Our layaway option is available on every item you see on the site with no minimum purchase requirement. My goal is to sell as many helmets as possible to as many fellow collectors as possible so whatever makes the process easier works for me.

15% Deposit
3 Months to Pay It Off


HOLD - Means item has been placed on reserve while we await payment.  Items are only shipped once they are fully paid for.
SOLD - Means item has been shipped and paid for.

Some customers have complained that it is not clear enough on my website as to whether or not a certain helmet is still available for sale or not as I do not have a calendar update section.  To be clear I check my site almost every single day and if a helmet is SOLD or put on HOLD I will update that fact immediately.  If you do not see a SOLD or HOLD in bold yellow beneath the helmet thumbnail on the home page then yes the helmet is still for sale.

I am working on making this more clear in the future with a slight redesign change on the site but you can rest assured that the site is constantly reviewed by myself almost daily.

Please review all photos which are always taken outdoors for greater clarity and accuracy before deciding to purchase.  I do my best to take as many photos as possible including up close images under a high degree of resolution.  If you need additional photos please ask and I am happy to assist you and take as many as you need to feel confident.  In the extremely unlikely event that the wrong helmet was shipped than I would be more than glad to pay all shipping costs and make sure you receive the helmet you paid for.  Under no circumstances am I willing to entertain refunds based on the opinions expressed by third parties even those who are published authors or so called forum experts.  Normandy camouflaged helmets have been faked for decades and as mentioned above please use the detailed photos contained in the description to make your own judgement.  With regard to any elite or specialized hand rendered insignia it is nearly impossible at times to know if this was done by the vet himself or actually during the war.  Some post war hand painted insignia was applied right after the war in 1945-47 and so today will have genuine aging and appear as though it was done during the war.  The purchase is made between Helmets of War Inc. and the buyer exclusively.   I also reserve the right to offer a full or partial refund or an in store credit for any item that a customer may want to return. For any non-helmet item on my site please be advised that I am not an expert on all things German WW2 but I do my best to research and vet any item listed.  My main focus is really helmets and so please use the photos provided to make your own ultimate determination of authenticity.

As a business I must have the above return policy in order to protect myself against any latent buyer's remorse that may creep in caused by the endless sea of speculators and tire kickers out there who love nothing more than to sow seeds of doubt in an otherwise 100% untouched war time original helmet.  There are just too many opinions out there coming from fellow collectors, discussion groups and so called experts fueling doubt and sewing the seeds of second guessing that I have to sell my helmets as I believe them to be and not what others think they might be.

Thanks again for your customer support and for your understanding on how I run my small business.