This is wonderful example of a pre-war configured double decal Luftwaffe helmet complete and in great all original condition.  It is a large sized 66 and according to both the lot number and dated metal band was produced in the year 1939 right on the cusp of WW2.  The outside paint is smooth dark gray blue factory code RAL7006 and both decals have a wonderful golden hue to them due to the oxidization of the protective lacquer coating which was often a tropical resin.  T’he chinstrap is full length with all 14 holes and although difficult to read is stamped Franz Breme, Walsrode 1939.  The inside liner is supple and not dried out with all fingers attached with an interesting regimental dome stamp overlaid on top of the regular factory production stamp.  Someone who knows a little German could probably make out what that regimental stamp actually says to point point exactly where this helmet was used during the war.

For an early war LW DD they don’t come much nicer than this one especially in this size.
Shipping to USA/Canada/Europe-Australia: $12/$15/$50 Respectively


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