Here is a wonderful "one looker" camo helmet fresh out of the wood work from a private collector out of Australia of all places!!! He original purchased the helmet as an original DAK however upon closer inspection we can clearly see that the tan base with brown highlights is much more likely to be a southern front camo possible from Italy/Greece or the Russian Caucasus.  The original factory issued helmet was sent out as an Heer double decal with smooth enamel lime green paint as can still be clearly seen in exposed areas of camo paint.  The inside liner system is original but a 1940 model just as the transition between the square bale aluminum and rounded steel banded liners were being phased in.  All leather fingers are present and the color is very dark which is typical of warmer front line climates whereby the German would have been sweating a lot while wearing it.   Most DAK helmets have the exact same darkened leather liners as this one has.  Both Heer decals can still be seen peaking through the camo paint giving this helmet a hell of a lot of character in my view.  Great to see a "one looker" camo helmet and as an M35 and a larger size Q66 makes it even more collectible in this humble author's opinion.


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