M35 EF66 WAFFEN SS DD (Restored)

This helmet represents the "holy grail" of helmet collection the infamous double decal M35 Waffen SS helmet.  The shell I used just like in all my restorations is 100% authentic and a very usable size 66 and so will fit most modern men's heads of today.  The SS decal is flat to the surface of the shell with no edge line and a C.A. Pocher design.  I gave the decal a beautiful aged tea tone just like many originals appear and think it really looks the part.  The outside paint is smooth dark apple green and nicely aged to match both decals.  Hope you like my work.

$600 SOLD - But please let us know if you would like to purchase one just like it as it's only a matter of getting an original M35 shell back in stock before I can recreate the exact same helmet for you.

Email: helmetsofwar@gmail.com
Text/Cell - 1-438-502-5052

(Every original German helmet produced from 1935 to 45 had two factory stampings punched into the side and rear or both in the rear.  The alpha numeric number refers to the factory location and the inside metric circumference in centimeters.  The rear lot number refers to the production run and was used as a quality control measure. The font styles used at each factory were slightly different but highly consistent throughout the war and so fakes or reproductions will either not have these numbers at all or they will use the wrong font style or letter spacing and so are easily identified as post war made.)

(FS or EF)-Emaillierwerke AG, Fulda, Germany
(ET or ckl)-Eisenhuttenwerke, Thale, Germany
(Q)-Quist, Esslingen, Germany
(NS)-Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte, Germany
(SE or hkp)-Sachsische Emaillier u. Stanzwerke, Lauter, Germany

FIRESIDE CHAT (Some non-essential light reading)

I import my ORIGINAL German helmets from Eastern Europe where most have become civilianized stripped down and then repainted black and used in the fire and police services back in the 1950’s.  As a result I never know which shell models or sizes I’m getting in stock and so the variety of shell sizes and models will always vary from month to month.   So best to check the Home page on the site where I update the list of available raw shells I have in stock at any one time.

Please note that I personally strip down to back bare metal and rebuild back up again each and every shell.  First to factory specs and then to field use conditions depending on whatever the customer wants.  All of the work is done in house at a designated paint area inside my garage using only ORIGINAL German WW2 factory produced shells.  If you have a photo of an original Normandy camouflaged painted helmet or an aged SS helmet or anything you have seen I can use that to basically recreate something very similar for you.  No two helmets are every exactly the same and each must tell it’s own story which is what I try to do in my work serving as both artist and historian to the best of my abilities.  I was born in 1974 and so despite being sometimes rather fatherly in appearance with a tendency to over drink I do hope to have many good working years ahead of me.  I try to keep my weight down by only eating once per day and am slowly starting a long transition away from meat towards only seafood.  Most of my customers are probably just like you are i.e. lovers of history,  or ex-law enforcement/military and we can’t wait for the next WW2 movie to come out in theaters.  Why do we collect German helmets?  It’s because they are simply BAD ASS and few objects on the planet conjure up as much fear and respect as these hunks of metal much like Darth Vader’s helmet.  As collectors if Star Wars was actually real wouldn’t we’d all want to have a piece of Vader’s uniform or glossy black helmet?  As a father of two boys I take great price in watching Band of Brothers with them and saying “Hey look see that German helmet in the movie?  Well that one is fake but that one here on our shelf is the real deal.  So you see how they got the color and shape of the helmet slightly wrong in the movie”   One day my son’s will care about what I’m saying I hope…lol.

Please call, text or email me if interested.

Tel/Text: 1-438-502-5052

Email Us: helmetsofwar@gmail.com

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