Here's a wonderful fresh find straight out of grandpa's attic.  A beautiful one looker large sized  and complete tri-color Normandy camouflage helmet. This fine specimen started out it's life sometime in early 1941 as a Wehrmacht issued single decal Heer/Army helmet produced at the Eisenwerkes factory in the city of Thale (ET) in large size 66cm circumference rear lot number 360.  You can see lots of abrasions and paint loss beneath the Normandy camo so this was definitely a fighting man's front line helmet repainted in 1944 by himself in anticipation of the much anticipated and inevitable Allied invasion.  At this time the Germans were retreating in the east and has very few tanks or airplanes left and so found themselves in a position of defense creating the need for camouflage essential for survival.  The soldier spray over his existing single decal Heer helmet in a base tan layer followed by a red brick brown and burgundy color over paints producing this amazing three color patten.  The liner is fully in tact with no missing tongues as is made of sheepskin with it's original full length chinstrap with 13 holes and marked G. Singer, Klattau, (Klatovy, occupied Czechoslovakia) 1941 with a painted buckle.  The helmet was originally purchased with missing leather and so I took an existing original liner and did a spring on spring transfer as to not disturb either the outer liner band or 3 split pins.  In addition if you look closely enough you can make out the silver ET Heer eagle peeking out from beneath the camo paint.  A real fantastic piece of WW2 history!!!!

$2500 SOLD

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