This all original helmet is fresh out of the woodwork from a non-collector who told me the following about it.  "The helmet was purchased in Tuscaloosa, AL at an estate sale.  It was a bring back.  The house also had German place settings so I was confident that it was the real deal.  I did not clean it or touch anything as I was afraid to detract from the value. Thank you for your help with this.  I want to make sure it went to a collector.  I did not want it to go unappreciated - Boyd"

Helmet is your quintessential mid-war single decal Heer army helmet the same kind you would have seen sent in to re-enforce the beleaguered German armies at Stalingrad and all along the Eastern front.  This is a totally un-messed with and complete example and is a side marked M42 ET66 with a rear lot marking of 2535 placing the factory production date sometime in November of 1942.  Typical ET paint which is more smooth than other factories and has less textured mixed into the enamel paint.  The Eagle is nearly all there and has not been scraped at or messed with in any way and is a textbook ET style eagle.

The inside liner is 100% original and never removed and it made from pigskin with it's original drawstring still in tact.  The chinstrap is also original to the piece and is marked GXY 42 which is the ordance code for Gebruder Klinge Lederwarenfabrik, Dresden-Lobtau, 1942.  I also noticed just earlier today that is also has a full inspection dome stamp difficult to make out but still present as seen in the last photo.

A wonderful overall battle-worn look to it...just like it was recently picked off of the battlefield!!!

$850 SOLD (Ping-Yuan Ou)

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