A simple peruse through Brian Ice's lot data book and you will quickly realize just how rare an M35 ET70 actually is.  With only a handful of examples among literally thousands of raw lot numbers really makes one treasure how unique a find this helmet truly is.

The production date sits firmly in the autumn months of 1939 and matches the outer aluminum re-enforced liner band of the same date.  As per 1940 Wehrmacht High Command all national shield decals were to be removed forthwith and so the decal was neatly scrapped off most likely by bayonet.  The Heer eagle is your textbook ET style and is about 95% in tact which is always the most important factor in terms of collectibility and long term investment value.

Outside paint is factory applied smooth dark pea green and has lots of great patina and battle worn use and aging.  The liner is original to the helmet and has not been removed based on a detailed inspection of all three retaining pins.  So all in all this is most likely the last M35 ET70 I will be able to offer on this site and ET was the only factory to produce this uniquely large size and to find one in original untouched condition is truly remarkable and most likely not repeatable.



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