This helmet is a fresh find and came directly from the daughter of a long time collector from California. This is your ubiquitous (common place) every man's fighting helmet from late in the war. Based on years of experience in handling original WW2 helmets I can safely say that this is a late war Quist M40 model in a large size 66. Based on the crude nature of the paint both inside and out I believe this helmet was painted later in the war around 1944 opposed to a time earlier when factories had more time to spend on perfect paint jobs. Interestingly enough both the inside and outside contains texture and so much so that I am unable to make out the rear marked Q66 and lot number stampings. I believe this helmet was most likely painted nearer towards the end of the war when factory production standards waned under the constant aerial bombardment from above. Things just got rushed all over Germany. It is definitely a one looker however both inside and out and has that wonderful been there done that look to it. Just enough field wear to give it ample character; this helmet was never abused or improperly stored and so really is how it would have looked once first liberated off of the battlefield. Chinstrap is a temporary cheap reproduction and should be replaced at some point by an original or one that is more historically accurate.

$700 SOLD

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