This is a fantastic example of a near mint most likely un-issued early war M40 single decal Luftwaffe helmet.  Manufactured by the Quist factory in Esslinger in a size Q62 with rear lot number of 1036 suggesting a factory production date of around 1941.  The chinstrap is post war but the rest is mint and untouched. Most helmets made in this year and batter worn beat up and show lots of rust.  This one is about as nice as it was when it first left the factory!!!  For some reason I've noticed that most minty helmet are a size small just like this one.  I theorize that it's those small sized men most likely to be the wimps and weenies just like Goebbels and Himmler.  Physically too weak and fragile for front line combat and so they excelled as being desk soldiers and pencil pushing bureaucrats.  So as a result we have a gorgeous relatively un-used helmet like this one to enjoy for future generations.


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