This fantastic find is what I would call a survivor helmet just like when you see one of those 1950's-60's classic cars with original interior and outside paint.  This helmet was the exact same that was used during the invasion of France in 1940 when they first started using texture and darker feld grau paint.  Early on they put very fine or very little texture at the ET factory which is why ET M40's helmets have an almost smooth to the touch overall feel to them.  Later in the war as more and more feedback from front line soldiers began to pour in they used an ever increasing amount of rougher and rougher texture in the paint.

Because the ET factory used very fine or very little texture in 1940 the Heer or SS decals were more prone to wear and tear because they were not counter sunk and protected by heavier textured paint.  So most SS and Heer SD M40 ET's have very eroded and scuffs decals as a result.  This one is simply brilliant and is over 99% still in tact and why I have referred to this helmet as a survivor.

It's also named 3 times.  First there appears to be an H. Mueller inscribed on the leather and then you can see a Gefr. Schultz later he was promoted to Ober Geifrieter and painted his name and new rank on the rear skirt.  Very cool historical and untouched piece.

$1000 SOLD

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