This particular beauty is what I like to call a one look wonder and a great example of a survivor helmet in that it was never re-issued or over painted during the war.  An early war M35 ET66 double decal Heer helmet with a late rear lot number and re-enforced aluminum outer band suggesting production in the year 1939.  The original apple green Eisenwerkes factory paint from the city of Thale is almost 90% in tact and has a great overall patina to it suggesting that the helmet was battle used most likely either during the invasion of Poland or possibly France.  Both decals rate quite high but fortunately the Heer eagle is the much more handsome of the twins and rates at around 98%.  The national shield is about 75% but it's just really nice historically speaking that it survived throughout the war not having been covered over by 1940 textured feld grau paint or scrapped off neatly by bayonet as most had.  The liner should be dated 1939 but there is too much dust in between and so I cannot make it out.  The leather fingers are all there although two have separated over time as seen in the photos.  The original chinstrap is still in place and is the early pre-war aluminum buckle version and is full length not trimmed at the long end however the factory stampings are a little bit too faint for me to properly make out.  Overall a great example of a true survivor helmet!



As emailed from seller Steve L Bokor from New Burn, NC 28560 a few months ago.

20 February 2018 at 21:05
These items were passed down from my great uncle Joseph A Bokor Jr. to my father then to me. Joseph was born 10/03/1912 in Hungary then later moved to the St Louis area. He enlisted in the US Army 11/11/1942. He served in WW II and got out as a Sgt. He died 1/8/1991 and is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis Missouri. That's all the data I have. Hope that helps. I'll send you the tracking number tomorrow around 5 pm eastern time.

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