This is a great find out of a South Carolina estate sale and represents the largest size possible a gigantic size CKL71 fallschirmjager untouched all original helmet.  According to Brian Ice's lot data book the helmet was produced sometime in late 1943 and CKL 4054 lot numbers are represented by only 8 known of examples 7 of which are the smaller sized CKL68 with only one lot not including this recently found example being the larger size CKL71.  This thing really does feel massive when held in hand and has a unique characteristic of of lot 4054 in that it has a pronounced raised front rim protruding outward in an almost menacing fashion.  Fortunately the liner system is all there but in pretty rough shape, all 4 retaining bolts are still in place and untouched.  For whatever reason most likely due to improper storage or moisture caused the inside to deteriorate at a faster rate than the outside paint which remains relatively rust free and in great shape.

The condition of the interior leather is already factored into the price which I feel is more than fair based on the rarity of original size 71 M38 FJ helmets in general.

$2650 SOLD (B. Hogan)

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