Well they really don't come much nicer than this one in terms of a wonderfully vivid all original Normandy camo helmet.  Most camo helmets tend to darken and fade over time while others like this one are better at retaining their original colors.  It must have something to do with the paint used as I've noticed that typically Luftwaffe helmets are more vivid or colorful than regular Heer camouflaged painted helmets suggesting that the two branches of services didn't have access to the same paints.  Also it should be noted that your typical Luftwaffe solider had a lot more base time on his hands than your front line Heer infanteer and so the color schemes and patterns tend to be more elaborate with Luftwaffe helmets.  The helmet is an M40 SE64 and rear marked 8204 suggesting a production date of around 1941 which matches up perfectly to the chinstrap markings which are clearly stamped with that same year.  The strap has been placed over top of the front rim a long time ago as you can make out dust lines along the edge and so it must have been placed there many years ago indeed and I would rather not try to move it.

The colors are light yellow green base coat followed by darker greens and an orangey red and are spray gun applied which again is typical of Luftwaffe since they had access to large pneumatic equipment meant for painting of vehicles. The liner is complete with it's original drawstring and fortunately the original chinstrap is complete and hasn't been shortened.  Try as I might I cannot make out the outline of a LW eagle beneath the paint as it is rather thickly applied in that general area but must be there as you can clearly make out the smooth blue gray SE finish typical of Luftwaffe helmets in exposed areas so we know that this definitely left the factory as a single decal LW.  Also I should note that there is a faint abbreviated signature in German on the liner which I tried my best to take a close up of.  A great find and I can tell you that the more you look at it the more it tends to grow on you especially when you have the luxury of holding it in hand.

SOLD - $3450

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