This is a salt of the earth mid-war example of a Luftwaffe helmet with almost all of it's original blue grau paint still in tact!!!  The inside stamping is marked SE64 (Sachsische Emaillerwerk, Lauter) and rear marked 10029 suggesting a production date of between 1940-41.  The outside paint is the smoother SE variety which was often seen during the transitional years of 1940 and part of 1941 and is also seen on most SE Heer SD's I've encountered whereby very little texture was added to the enamel factory paint giving it a near smooth outside finish. The decal is complete and in great shape as is the corresponding liner which has that great buttery smooth look to it you only see with early to mid war liner systems.  The liner is named by the LW solider as Ogfr Zillgen which is an abbreviation of the rank of Obergefreiter and is a unique rank within the German armed forces equivalent to Senior Lance Corporal.

All in all this is a rock solid example of an early produced M40 LW helmet and free from any rust spots, decal abrasions, torn liner fingers or post war garage paint spills and so is pretty much as it would have looked the day it was taken from the battlefield.

$950 SOLD

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