Just when I thought that I would never see another near 100% Luftwaffe decal again here pops up this beautiful M40 Q62 SW LW in what could only be described as being in astounding condition.  The rear lot number is DN 156 which according to Brian Ice's lot data book places the factory production date solidly in 1941 based on similar lot numbers before and after it.   The outside paint is no less than 99.5% and appears to never have been worn outside of some light handling marks.  The decal is your classic factory Quist Luftwaffe pattern and is still ivory white and virtually untouched by the war.  The inside liner is equally mint with original drawstring still present.  All three split pins are an exact match to the outside paint but are smooth and so indicative of older stock being using during the war before the advent of texture being added.

The chinstrap is an aged reproduction with what I believe to be an original WW2 buckle re-sewn into the short end to try and fool people.  A lot of the higher end fake chinstraps are coming out of Europe these days i.e. France, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic where they are taking original aluminum or feld grau  (field gray) painted WW2 chinstrap buckles and then adding them to aged post war made chinstraps.  These generally sell on eBay for about $75-$100 and fool a lot of newer collectors because they even get the stitching right by using hemp fibers and tea toned threads so these really do look the part.

$1200  SOLD
(You won't find a better one for less online anywhere!!!)

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