So far this is one of the nicest SS helmets I have been able to offer on my site with a 90% decal and complete liner and chinstrap still fully in tact.  The helmet is your classic mid war M40 SS helmet in an ET size 64 with rear lot number 301 indicating a production date of 1941 according to Brian Ice's lot data book.  The liner is well used as is the case with most authentic SS helmets since these front line soldiers in general saw the most fighting and were continually in active combat operations throughout the war.

The SS decal is text book ET style with the slightly thicker black border and subtle rounding effect where the shield breaks to the left side of the left hand rune.  I have seen many SS helmets in hand and most of the time the decal has been intentionally scraped off with a knife edge either post war or during the final months of the war when Hitler's elite soldiers chose to try and distance themselves from their checkered past by obscuring their SS symbols.  I have heard first account stories from son's of US vets who told me that many Allied soldiers fighting in 1944-45 believed that all SS soldiers would fight to the death before being captured and so as a result many were killed on the spot rather than risk the potential for a shootout.   In my own personal opinion it is my belief this may have led many SS soldiers knowing that defeat was imminent to intentionally de-nazify themselves i.e. helmet decals, SS collar tabs etc in the hopes of improving their chances of a bloodless surrender.   This definitely was the case along the Eastern front when many SS soldiers were being summarily executed by advancing Russian forces.

Seller Location: Sebring, Florida 33870  06/15/14
(Portion of Original Email: "I have obtained a ww2 Germany helmet in a close out estate sale the helmet was in a an old duffel bag with 2 water flask with cups, and two pieces of I think were parts of a Paratroopers Shute.  I would like to sell this helmet, and would appreciated if you would make a offer.  Thanks for taking the time to read my email.")


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