M35 EF66 WAFFEN SS DD (Restored)

This helmet represents the “holy grail” of helmet collection the infamous double decal M35 Waffen SS helmet.  The shell I used just like in all my restorations is 100% authentic and a very usable size 66 and so will fit most modern men’s heads of today.  The SS decal is flat to the surface of the shell with no edge line and a C.A. Pocher design.  I gave the decal a beautiful aged tea tone just like many originals appear and think it really looks the part.  The outside paint is smooth dark apple green and nicely aged to match both decals.  Hope you like my work.

$375 HOLD but another can be made just like it so please email me if you’d like one made for you.


Email: helmetsofwar@gmail.com

Text/Cell – 1-438-502-5052

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