This helmet is a real beauty and what one could safely describe as a one look camo meaning with one look you can tell it's a specimen that has clearly been through WW2.  The helmet comes from a coin dealer out of Mississippi who acquired it as a trade in for some coins.  and appears to have been stored properly over the years as there is very little surface rust either on the inside or outside paint.

Based on it's rear lot number the helmet started out as a 1940 transitional year factory issued helmet with an earlier war square bale aluminum liner but with a 1940 blu grau textured outside paint and single Luftwaffe decal before having been spray painted over during the later years of the war.

Typical of Luftwaffe helmets you normally see far brighter colors than with regular Heer Army helmets and so too this helmet displays shades of mauve, brown and lime green for a great in the field contrast.  The liner is fully in tact and only missing the drawstring with original chinstrap still in place with a bottle green painted buckle also typical of 1940 issued helmets when they were still painted the chinstrap buckles.  One of the nice features of this helmet is that the Luftwaffe eagle appears to be complete and fully in tact beneath the over paint which is always nice to know.  Also the huge bucket size of 68 makes this a real shelf Queen when placed alongside other helmets in your collection.

I see other dealers asking about $3250-$3500 for similar Normandy camo helmets so I feel that this one is fairly priced at only $2500.


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