This is one of the nicest DAK helmets I’ve ever created and I will be using it as a template for future helmets as the color and patina really came out nicely against the backdrop of a historically accurate faded ET style Heer decal.  The paint color is exactly the same that the Germans actually used to paint their vehicles, equipment and helmets and is color code RAL8000 and so is spot on.

$250 includes shell (size 64) and pins OR $300 for size 66 shell and $350 for size 68
$350 includes shell and pins and aged liner system
$375 includes shell and pins, aged liner system and chinstrap

For larger sized shells and early war M35’s such as 66 and 68’s price may vary depending on what I have in stock at any given moment.  Best to call or email me for availability for the larger size original helmet shells

SOLD – This particular helmet is already SOLD however another one can be made for you in about 1-2 weeks total production time.


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