This is one of those one looker helmets that was obviously liberated after the war and then sent straight to some one's display cabinet until now.  The helmet came from a male descendant of the original WW2 vet and was never taken around to shows or seen the light of day until now.  And so completely untouched and fresh out of the wood work as they say!!!

Produced at the Emaillierwerk AG Fulda factory based on it's EF64 side marking and rear lot number of 40522 which according to Brian Ice's lot data book yields a production date of 1939.  The outside paint is 90% or higher still in tact and a nice dark blue-gray Luftwaffe smooth enamel paint.  The adler decal is textbook EF and it tended to be the most yellow in hue in comparison to all other makers.  As you know most of these have been de-nazified after the war or even in post war years where everything is still intact except for someone having had taken a pocket knife and neatly scrapping off the offending swastika.  So it's great to see one like this completely untouched and un-messed with since 1939.  Quite an amazing thing if you think about it.

The inside liner is fully in tact with no missing or cracked fingers- it's simply rock solid and never removed from the shell one of them size stamped 57.  All 3 split pins are firmly in place and have never been messed with whatsoever.  I know when they have been and these definitely haven't.  The outside paint on the heads on the pins is a different shade of blue more of a greenish aqua blue which is common and to be expected as the pins were painted elsewhere and sent to the EF factory separately for future assembly.  The original drawstring is still in tact and the chinstrap is full length never having been shortened and is that nice early war Luftwaffe brown color with aluminum buckle. The end of the chinstrap is marked and dated however I can't make it out but took the best photo of that as I could muster.

A wonderful rock solid untouched all original example of an M35 DD LW helmet!!!

$1300 SOLD

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