I have waited many years to find a suitable replacement for those garbage reproduction paratrooper shells coming out of China and India and now have finally found something truly worthy of restoration.  Unlike all of the junk you see on eBay this M38 paratrooper shell comes from a small factory in the Czech Republic and has the same weight and more importantly the same upward edge slope as the originals.  The Chinese garbage always has too abrupt of an uptick or too angular of a slope as you near the front of the edge profile line.  These are much more subtle and historically accurate and appears almost flat like a salad bowl and exact as they should.

This restoration is inspired from Rommel’s north African campaign as the tanned enamel paint finish is exactly the same color as was used in the war RAL code 8000 which is a dark tan with a lot of yellow hues to mimic sand.   The LW decal is an in house ET version based on some high resolution scans of an original out of my own collection so it couldn’t be more accurate design wise.  I then faded and aged the outside pant and gave the liner a nice darkened hue indicative of hot and sweaty conditions as the solider would have experienced out in the desert.  The size is marked and is a large ET71 and so will fit 85% of modern heads of today for re-acting purposes.  I hope you like my work!!!


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