M40 NS66 SD Heer Helmet with Original Normandy Camo Split Pins(HP-02)

This M40 NS66 helmet has definitely seen some real fighting as the original wearer must of either been shot or wounded to such an extent that the original liner had to removed and replaced suggesting it was unfit for further combat use. As the Germans never threw anything away preferring to re-use and recycle literally everything it comes as no surprise that parts of a Normandy camo helmet such as these all original split pins would have been taken out of cracked or damaged shell and then re-used at the field depot level to make this particular helmet once again re-serviceable.

A beautiful nearly complete factory applied Pocher decal rates at an almost perfect 99%. The liner does not appear to be a new factory issued one and was probably taken from another well used helmet in the field as it already shows a lot of age and signs of battle fatigue. The chinstrap is all original in early war aluminum buckle and fully marked however the only numbers/letters I can make out is the year 1940. A real been there done that looking specimen of WW2!!!


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