M35 Q64 HEER SD (Restoration Overhaul)

This helmet was created for the everyday collector or historical re-enactor who is just starting out or who find themselves on a tight budget. I have recently been able to acquire some M55 shells which were produced in Germany at the Quist factory in Esslinger in the year 1955. Remarkably enough that particular WW2 German helmet factory was still in operation after the war and able to fulfill export contracts to countries such as Egypt and Finland. This very helmet was made on the exact same presses and moulds as were used in WW2. The only difference is that they were never stamped Q68, Q66, Q64 etc. Also the two vent holes protruded more than it did on the Q M40 model which is also a dead give away.

My idea here was to first respect the history of the helmet's original paint and leave that intact on the inside and outside mimicking an M35 helmet that was refurbished during the war as per 1940 specs when a darker feld grau textured paint was used to cover over the smooth and shiny olive green paint and a new single decal applied. In this case I was able to grind down the original vent hole to become flat like any WW2 German helmet and then I hammered in 2 high end reproduction vent rivets to simulate an M35 model. The result is quite convincing and now it is basically impossible to tell if this is a real M35 or not without flipping the helmet upside down for an in hand inspection.

This helmet is a size 64 and equivalent to an M40 Q64 in terms of wearability. Since this helmet was made at the same WW2 Quist factory I went ahead and applied the same Bigfoot Quist eagle that would have been used at the time. Then I muted it down slightly as to not appear too new or shiny. The result is a nicely aged Heer eagle with a slightly old patina. As mentioned above this is great for historical re-enactors and newer collectors who just want to look authentic in the field or have something to display on their shelves at home.


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