Restoring a German helmet to it’s original factory issued appearance really isn’t all that difficult as long as you have access to the proper RAL WW2 color codes and an efficient paint sprayer, slap on some cheap decals and away you go. However this is a paint job and not a restoration at all.  In order to achieve authentic looking results the restorer must think as an artist and not merely as a painter.  I have spent the past 10 years handling and studying hundreds of original German helmets in all shapes and sizes building a reference library of  accurate images in my mind.  My father is actually a well known realist painter from the west coast who can paint images that make you think at first glance that you are looking at a photograph.  While I can’t paint like he can I  like to believe that I inherited the eye of an artist so when I am aging a particular helmet and decals I know when to stop once perfection has been achieved.  As a result I can successfully age your helmet to any degree you wish from a  rusty barn yard find to a mint war souvenir that has been indoors sitting on someone’s shelf for the past 70 years.  Every helmet tells a story and it’s my job to make that story as realistic and convincing as possible.


$100 all repainting and required aging of both shell and decals $55 high end Czech produced liners when in stock $25 reproduction chinstraps when in stock $25 artificial aging of liner and chinstrap results may vary as I'm more of a helmet guy $12 for each decal as mine are metallic, dead on accurate and expensive to produce $15 for a matching set of 3 split pins and slotted washers $20 if helmet first needs to be stripped down of any old paint $15 return postage via USPS with tracking & signature $10 liner installation when original liner is supplied by customer $5   hand painted soldier's name inside rear skirt in antique aged white Call Us: 1-438-502-5052 Email:     BEWARE OF FAKE CHINSTRAPS!!! (Here is a list of all of the known reproduction chinstraps being made today in 2013.  Unless you are buying from a reputable dealer I would avoid any chinstraps with the following markings below.  This could save you lots of $$$ down the road!!!) dtd 44 Otto Sindel Berlin 1941 dtv 44 Otto D. Muller, Eislebe, 1942 gfg 42 OTTO MULLER EISLEBE 1942 G. SINGER, KLATTAU 1941 R. Ehardt, Poessnick, 1941 GEBRUDER KLINGE DRESDEN 1938 Gunt Vogel Cottbus 1939 HRUBY & Co HAGHENBURG 1941 RZM 5/40 with SS runes in circle J.DE VALK ADAM 1942 SOLLMANN, TUTTLINGEN 1940 Lohmannwerke Bielefeld 1940 St. Orthey Marienberg/Ww 1941 Luttringhaus & Co., Koln 1940 WALLISCH & Co 1942 WIEN LUDWIG KELLER, STOCKACH 1942 Wallisch & Co. Vien, 1942 G. SINGER, KLATTAU 1941 Lohmannwerke Bielefeld 1940 RB Nr 0/0390/0204 Voegels Koln 1940 RB Nr 0/04190/0709 Wallisch & Co. Vien, 1942 R. Ehardt, Poessnick, 1941 R. Larsen, Berlin 1938 and 1939 Otto D. Muller, Eislebe, 1942 G. SCHIELE LOBURG 1940 R.LARSEN BERLIN 1939 SS "RZM 5/40 SS