Here is a rarely encountered early 1930's commercially produced SS-Himmler style low duck bill helmet with satin black with original liner still in tact. Notice the protruding front bill and the overall low profile of the shell along with the lack of a chinstrap rivet which is only seen on early 1930's SS parade helmets. These helmets were privately contracted in 1932/33 and were made exclusively Himmler's newly formed Allgemeine-SS. Back then the SS were not a priority within the Wehrmacht supply chain and so they were not able to get access to M18 helmets since in those early years they were not considered to be a combat organization.

The original liner and partial chinstrap are still present and the liner is set in place by way of 3 split pins similar to the M35 which had yet to be invented when this duckbill was first introduced. Many of these are marked with "drp ang" (Deutsch Reich Patent Pending) but like this particular example many are not marked whatsoever. Made primarily of aluminum and otherwise high grade steel; meant for parades, ceremonies and guard duty and not front line combat.

The decals appear to be been boldly painted as if for parade purposes or guard duty where they would have wanted to be recognized at a distance. Both decals are appear hand painted with a mobile version swastika most likely via stencil as the edges are not super crisp. I see no spider cracking in the off white paint so there is no real way to confirm if these were painted by the SS soldier himself or by a post war G.I.. My gut feeling is that this thing is 100% legit but buyer please view the photos and reach your own conclusions. Not all old paint cracks especially if it was thinned out by turpentine beforehand. This particular helmet came from a picker out of Germany who I buy a lot of helmets from. I have yet to encounter any Himmler style duckbill or droopbill helmets originating in the USA or Canada. They all seem to have been retired well before the onset of WW2 and have found their way into attics, basements and eventually open air flea markets all across Germany. I'm sure that some US vets did bring them back with them but it would be hard to imagine finding one of these things in a captured helmet pile since they were never meant for front line use.

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