(Heer M43 Feldm├╝tze). Constructed of field-grey wool. The cap features fold-down side panels offering ear and neck protection which, when not in use, are held together by two pebbled, silvered zinc buttons on the right flap meeting dual reinforced buttonholes on the left flap. Stitched onto the peak is a field-grey trapezoid rayon insignia bearing a grey BeVo-style Wehrmacht eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika above a tri-colour cockade. The insignia measures 60 mm (w) x 42 mm (h). The exterior features are completed by a cardboard-reinforced protruding visor set securely into the structure. The interior is fully lined with dark grey rayon. Inside the cap the lining is lightly stamped with an RbNr.# too faded to make out and below it the number 57 or 56 and below that the 4 digit year. Stampings are very faint but if you hold the cap at different angles in direct sunlight you can clearly see that they are present. The cap measures approximately 190 mm (w) x 250 mm (l) x 130 mm (h). Minor material fatigue is evident, but it is in an otherwise near extremely fine condition.

I originally purchased this cap from www.emedals.com a number of years ago for my own personal collection but am currently downsizing and am no longer collecting M43 caps.


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