Here is an extremely rare and quite possibly 1/1 in the world uncut sheet of anti-Nazi puppets. These sheets were original sold in British magazine and smoke shops from 1938-40 and reflects a wonderful time in history when kids were expected to actually have a hand in the making of their own toys.

At the time you simply would cut out each Nazi villain character with a pair of scissors and then where they told you to make holes neatly punch a nail and then secure via a winged split pin. Some put together examples are shown in the end of this photo gallery. Most of the time the ones that have been seen in the marketplace are glued to thin wood to make them sturdy puppets to play around with. This is perhaps the only ever uncut sheet surviving in the world.

The four characters are General Von Ribbentrop, A. Hitler, Goring and Goebbels. One old time dealer had always thought that only 3 characters were ever created and had no idea there was ever a General Von Ribbentrop until he saw this uncut sheet.


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