The SSh-39 was of simple, more modern design, and was much easier to manufacture than the SSh-36. The SSh-39 would be the standard design for Soviet helmets for the next 29 years, with only minor changes occurring during that time. It is also the design for the helmet on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. The helmet was produced primarily in three factories, the Stalingrad Tractor Factory (designated CT in the ink stamp), the Red October Factory (ЗКО) also in Stalingrad, and the Lysva Metallurgical Factory (LMZ).[2] The first liner was an eight-finger leather liner, similar to the German M35-M42. Next came a short production of an eight-finger liner made of Gralex. The final version of the SSh-39 liner was cloth, similar to the SSh-36 liner. All three variations of the liner were suspended from the helmet by three metal tabs, which were riveted to the shell near the top. This helmet, like the SSh-36, saw action in numerous campaigns before it was phased out in 1942 in favor of the SSh-40.

This original helmet is a large size 3 they made sizes 1-4 and so this helmet will actually fit your head unlike most of the other ones which mainly seem to be 1's or 2's and I have never seen a size 4 before. Wonderful early war canvass cloth bowl liner system instead of your typical mid to late war leather finger set up making this one rare among the rare for Russian WW2 helmets!!!!

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