This is a great example of a mid-war every man’s fighting helmet M40 single decal Heer helmet.  The decal is textbook Huber Jordan & Keorner eagle with a lightly textured factory finish and buttery smooth original pigskin liner stamped 56.  The size is an EF64 made by the Emaillerwerke AG factory in the city of Fulda.  Helmet is complete except for it’s original chinstrap which has been lost over time.  All three split pins are factory installed and never removed since the war. Based on overall condition I would estimate that this particular helmet was issued to a non-combatant German solider who rarely saw any real action or perhaps only ever used for parades and so was never in the field.  The outside paint has a slightly shinier appearance than the dull flat paint on the inside suggesting that it may have been buffed out at one point in time perhaps by a soft haired boot brush.  This was a common practice at the time when some soldier even used bee wax to create a parade gloss finish.  Once again suggesting that this particular helmet may have been for parade or ceremonial use only.  Priced reduced considerably to a regular combat worn helmet which collectors seem to gravitate to much more so than something this new and shiny looking even though it lived the war at the same time.

All in all a very nice find straight out of the woodwork never in a collection or on the military show circuit.

Definitely a real shelf Queen!!!


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