In 1940 a significant proportion of newly minted polizei helmets were come from the SE factory in Lauter, Germany.  Almost all of these helmets were made from either 1939 or 1940 components strongly suggesting that this polizei helmet contract was given to the SE factory sometime in 1940.  As is typical with SE M40 polizei finishes the dark green enamel has a smooth finish and is somewhere between satin and semi-gloss.  This particular helmet has a beautifully buttery liner system stamped 59 and it’s original chinstrap and a textbook bordered polizei decal.   The party shield appears to be an ET version with the slightly thicker black border lines and there seems to be an underlying party shield beneath this one causing some crazing and reveaning in the decal’s surface.  As I cannot be certain as to when this secondary party shield was applied I have decided to offer this helmet at a healthy discount.  Normally this helmet would sell in the $1800-$2200 range.  The original drawstring and liner strap are both 100% original to the piece and full length with all 13 holes and maker’s marked at the end G.Scheile, Loburg 1940.  The helmet is rear marked 4967 and all 3 split pins are untouched and completely un-messed with.


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