This helmet represents the golden period of Wehrmacht history when they were actually winning the war and in full dominance of mainland Europe.  This is an early war NS64  (NS)-Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte, Germany M40 helmet complete with it’s original 1940 dated full length chinstrap and goat skin tanned liner system. Rear lot number is DN39 which according to Brian Ice’s lot data book places the time of production in March 1940. One rarely seen feature of this helmet is that it has been NS64 stamped twice which is almost never seen on NS helmets.  I guess they were either rushed or it was Friday afternoon at the NS factory.  Very interesting feature in my view. The decal is a factory applied textbook C.A Pocher and is about 85% in tact with only minor areas of black back shield missing here and there.  Great piece of untouched all original WW2 history and perfect for a mid level collector on a budget.

$850 SOLD

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