I’m afraid I’m not a real expert on scopes however I do know that this version is the one issued to the Wehrmacht as it has the “white +” marking on it which the civilian versions do not.  The scope is remarkably crystal clear with no fogginess in the lens itself.  I have mainly seem the Hensoldt-Wetzlar Dural-Diaytan 4X and so I know that this particular model is somewhat rarer.  Again possibly the Wehrmacht issued scope just didn’t survive in equal quantites as the Hensoldt-Wetzlar versions which sell on eBay for around $600 but lack the “white +” symbol and so were most likely were initially privately produced for the civilian market later all scopes were confiscated by the Wehrmacht as they had massive shortages especially all along the Eastern Front.  I’ve had included some photos showing what the scope would look like when mounted on the Mauser K98.  Both original leather end caps were present in the vet hoard however have dried out and are no longer really usable but just wanted to keep it all together.  The photo showing the cross hairs looks blurry not because of the scope but because I wasn’t able to get my camera to focus correctly on the lens itself.  I really feel that this should be on a serial matching K98 and used for hunting as it still completely works despite being well over 70+ years old.


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Original vet bring back from Joe. E. Wanless of Sprinfield, IL who passed away in 2006. More information on Joe can be found with a simple Google search.

His entire liberated collection is displayed on a table in the photos below.  It is remarkable at how much stuff he was able to send back to his home in Springfield and includes one of the original shipping crates with his name and home address on it.

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