BACKGROUND: As a result of observations of the Russian experimentation with the newly developing paratroop personnel in 1928 the Germans began serious consideration of also developing paratroop units and plans were drawn up for formation of such units in late 1935. Both the Luftwaffe and Army eventually established paratrooper units, consisting of voluntary personnel, on January 29TH 1936 and March 31ST 1937 respectively and a paratroop training school was established at Stendal in early 1937. Originally development of special clothing and equipment was undertaken by both branches of service to provide the paratroopers with functional items specifically designed with parachute jumps in mind until January 1ST 1939 when all the paratrooper units were transferred to control of the Luftwaffe. One of the items developed for the paratroopers was a specially designed helmet first introduced in 1935. This first pattern helmet was found unsuitable and a second pattern was introduced on June 16TH 1938, and remained in use until the end of the war with minor variations.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This helmet is a one of a kind original creation by yours truly using a stone cold mint ORIGINAL paratrooper shell and ORIGINAL 2nd pattern Luftwaffe decal.  Liner and band are complete, but the liner and chinstrap harness are both suspected as being high level aged reproductions bought directly from an Italian based dealer known for carry some of the best fake liners around.  He has even showed me images in a few helmet specific textbooks where he himself has aged some of the liners and even the expert authors had no idea.  The reverse apron is well marked with stamped lot number 2267 and the interior left side apron has the stamped manufacturers code and size ET68 indicating manufacture by Eisen-und Huttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz.

This helmet was specifically requested by a customer of mine who wanted a mint example of exactly how one of these would have looked leaving the factory floor in 1940-43.  Customer fell onto some hard times i.e. divorce and has since dropped out of the project making this helmet available to the general public for the first time ever.  This helmet is a one of a kind and nothing like it exists out there. In the decades to come as the paint naturally oxidizes and the decal darkens with time most will never know how this beauty came into existence.  There are only a hand full of original Luftwaffe 2nd pattern adler decals out there and basically only one man in the world I know of who actually knows how to apply original decals without them cracking or breaking and he’s old and so I doubt anything like this will ever be created again.  Luftwaffe decals are notoriously fragile and difficult to work with as the swastika and wing tips tend to fold over during the transfer process.  I say this talking about high end post war LW decals so you can imagine how hard it would be to apply an original one that is over 70+ years old!!!

If you would like me to tea tone down the LW decal and the entire helmet to give it more of a 30 year old look I can do that for you but only after a deposit has been made.  Right now this is exactly how they looked on their way to the quartermaster’s depot!!!

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