Given at the end of the first Great War in 1918 from US military intelligence officer Major Osland to a Captain Wiley and is beautifully inscribed as such.  After doing some research I found out that the marking 585 refers to gold purity which is 14kt or 58.5% pure gold. The “esa” refers to the individual jeweler who made it and we know this is solid gold and not plated gold because it would by law have to have said “plate” or “clad” next to the 585 markings.  Solid gold lighters with historical significance are extremely rare as almost all of them are platted gold and rarely ever solid 14kt gold as this one is.

This is a side strike style lighter which was common in the year it was created in 1918.  So the flint is in the side and you use the pull out stopper thing to strike the side to generate a spark to light it up.  I am not certain this lighter’s exact weight as I lack a digital scale however I would think that the melt value alone should be near $600!!!

Please read lower down at the bottom of this description as it gives greater information and actual photos of US Major Birger Osland of Military Intelligence Division for the US Army stationed in Christiania (Oslo, Norway) from 1917-1919.

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U S Major Birger Osland – Intelligence Branch

My Great Grandfather was born in Norway, Ole Birger Aasland.

Birger Osland was born March 1,1870 in Stavanger, Norway. He married Therese Korsvik March 15, 1890 in Chicago, IL and he died there August 1, 1963.

The following are quotes from his book, A Long Pull From Stavanger.

I was born in 1870 in Stavanger, in the country of Rogaland, Norway…My father’s family lived in Jaeren, the flat, fertile plain of Stavanger…my mother…Helene Meling was born on the island of Aamoy in Rogaland. He left Norway in July 1888, landed in New York and took a train to Chicago with two friends and $6.00 in his pocket.

Birger Osland rose from his first job as a waiter at $3.50 a week to become head of his own investment firm.

From 1917-1919 Birger Osland was an attache with the rank of major in the Military Intelligence division of the U. S. Army stationed in Christiania.

Birger Osland became a leader in the Chicago Norwegian colony. He was one of the prime workers in the organization of the Norwegian America Steamship Line. He was a member of the Sons of Norway, the Chicago Norske Klub, Kvartett Klubben, Dovre Political Club and the Norwegian-American Historical Association. He was a trustee and president of the Norwegian-American Hospital and one of the founders of American Relief for Norway following the German Occupation.

He received the homary degree of Doctor of Laws from St. Olaf College. He received decorations from the King Haakon of Norway, Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman.

1902 visit to Stavanger, Helene Olsdatter Meling Aasland, Therese Korsvik Osland holding daughter, Mildred, Helene Osland, Torgger Olsen Aasland and Alice Rosalie Osland

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