This is a top of the line restoration using an original WW2 German M40 shell Q66 rear lot number DN391 and includes the three matching split pins and and slightly aged historically accurate reproduction liner system. So it’s ready to go.  This is a great helmet for re-enactors because of the large size 66 and will fit most modern heads of today.  I created this using a nice textured feld grau paint finish on the outside but the left the inside alone as it is 100% original factory paint.  Most collectors refer to this as the Holy Grail helmet since only a few M40 SS helmets contain both decals as this was a transitional year in 1940 when they began phasing out party shields.  The SS decal is white metallic and in the proper Quist design whereby the left rune is about 1% lower than the shield break just like the originals and tea toned to perfection while the party shield is equally aged.


To order please contact us at: helmetsofwar@gmail.com or call directly 1-450-724-3018

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