Here is a wonderful example of a one look camo M40 ET62 ET (Eisenh├╝ttenwerke factory in the city of Thale) with it's Heer eagle neatly painted around suggesting an above average amount of national pride in wanting to have the decal exposed.  The camo paint appears to be blotted on perhaps via a rag or dried out brush in a beautiful honey dark yellow tan color.  It is nearly impossible to be certain if a particular single color beige painted helmet is in fact a true DAK verses and southern front camo however the paint color looks very similar to captured British North African 8th Army paint that many German field binoculars, mess kits and vehicles were painted in.  The true DAK beige is in fact RAL8000 and I have samples here and this color is definitely more yellow than that color is.  So my best guess is that this is either a true DAK or an Italian/Greek front camo possible even South Russia to blend in with the wheat fields however almost all of those particular helmets were crushed and smelted down post war by Russian industry.

The Heer eagle is textbook ET and about 97% in tact and so survived quite well despite all of the other battle nicks and marks on the rest of the helmet.  The chinstrap is dated 1937 and most likely original to the helmet as it appears to have been on there forever and the aluminum retaining pins are stiff with no give to them.

A wonderful one look camo helmet with a very strong decal making this a rather high end shelf Queen for someone's growing collection.

$2250 SOLD

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