This helmet is a bit of me trying to salvage an other wise decent mid war SD helmet.  The original owner sent it in wanting a Normandy camo paint job as he had botched the job himself and destroyed most of the outside factory paint.  I then painstakingly removed the junk he had paint and did my best to mask off the original decal.  The only thing to do really was to do a careful decal paint around and turn this into a decent late war Normandy camo helmet.  Basically the only thing original on the outside was the decal which I did my best to save.  In the end I think I have it looking quite decent and the inside liner and chinstrap are still fully in tact and untouched by anyone.  The customer basically disappeared on me for over a year now and I don’t think wanted it anymore so I’m selling it off to re-coop payment for my efforts.  If you break this thing down into parts alone you are doing very well at only $350 considering the CKL eagle is 100% the real deal.

Breaking It Down Partswise
M42 shell bare without any paint: $125-$150
Original Liner System: $150
Early Aluminum Buckle Chinstrap Dated 1936 or 1938: $150-$200
Set of 3 Original Pins and Back Washers: $50

Taking the Lower End Estimates: $125 + $150 + $150 + $50 = $475


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