This is a wonderful untouched original late war M42 EF64 helmet with a slate gray textured finish indicative of late 1943/44 factory production from the city of Fulda.  The inside liner is buttery smooth and fully in tact and completely untouched with original drawstring still in tact.  It’s also named in pencil not by me but by the original soldier the name “Klenke” which I’m not certain is first or last name?  The chicken wire is the correct direction and number of twists and has the proper weathered gray patina to it.  The three vertical hooks catches were made from old farmer’s wire I picked up at a country yard sale many years ago and so it also has the correct patina to it.  Both the chicken wire cage and wire hook catches were added post war by a professional restorer a man by the name of yours truly.  Would look great on any shelf and in about 10-20 years the wire cage should marry itself to the outside helmet and you will end up with something very convincing indeed!


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