Here’s a great shelf Queen for those like myself on a budget.  I took an older reproduction M38 shell and liner system and professionally repainted and aged it to a nice Spring camouflage pattern.  The Luftwaffe were mostly stationed well behind the front lines and so tended to have greater access to various paint colors than did the Wehrmacht which is why many LW camo helmets tend to have vivid and even bright colors.  I added some dark mustard yellows, greens and browns to great this Normandy effect.  The wire cage is from an old farmer’s fence spoil I bought at an outdoor market many years ago.  The wire is not aged to look old but is actually very very old indeed.  Let me know if you want me to add the same wire to your particular helmet.

$275 SOLD – However please email or call us if you would like another one exactly like this made specifically for you.



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