This is your typical late war EF M42 SS helmet in standard slate gray reminiscent of a very dark Coke bottle green. What I have always found to be interesting about M42 EF helmets is the strange way in which the shell was forged as they tend to have what could only be described as inter connected circles in the metal perhaps as a sign of a lack in quality control at the Fulda factory as I have seen these same marbling effect in the metal on most other EF M42’s I’ve handled in the past.

The decal is your textbook EF SS where the runes are more rakish than on Quist or ET and similar in design to the C.A. Pocher yet a slightly more rounded lower shield shape.  The EF SS decal is the only one which has the lower left rune almost touching the black outer shield line however in this case it is difficult to make out from the scuff marks obscuring this demarcation. The existence of a silver edge line outside of the black outer shield lines suggesting that the EF decal was a face down lacquer applied version as opposed to a face up water slide version as the metallic printed shield on the reverse of the decal would often run slightly outside the outer black border lines.  I have noticed this same effect on other M42 EF SS helmets and the same is true on this one.

As is typical with M42 EF SS decals there appears to be no protective lacquer coating applied turning what was once bright aluminum/silver into a nice white pulver but still has a nice metallic luster to it which again list most EF M42 SS decals has tended to turn more white than tea toned. The inside liner is pigskin and in excellent condition with it’s original drawstring and ink stamped size 60 with a rear lot number of 2755.  This lot number also matches up with other known originals in Brian Ice’s data lot book as being exclusive to SS SD production with two documented of the same lot numbers one being EF66 SS 2755 and the other EF68 2755 with no Heer’s sharing this distinct rear lot number.

Both of the helmet in the lot data book are gray green textured finish with a pigskin liner just as this one is.  As is typical with EF M42’s the factory stamping is extremely faint and not easy to make out however based on the unique cartoonish font and flat top we know this to be EF. (Eisenwerkes in Fulda)

NOTE: A few weeks ago I went ahead and added an original late war pigskin chinstrap and so now the helmet is 100% complete.


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