M42 ET68 WAFFEN SS SD (Restored)

Finally my repro SS decals are ready for full time production. This all original M42 shell was painted in the traditional late war Feld Grau (Field Gray) and features a stunningly beautiful Pocher SS decal in metallic white exactly like the originals.  The photos I took were meant to mainly show you the decal as I only lightly aged the outside shell should really speak for themselves on this one as I wasn’t all that interested in the overall aging of the paint but rather the aging of the decal which in my opinion comes extremely close to the originals. I have recently perfected a technique whereby I take actual metallic aluminum SS decals and by hooking them up to a battery can speed up the oxidization process producing a thin layer of AL03- Aluminum Oxide which has a unique metallic white color just like the originals do.  Since I work with a local lithographer to create these in house you just cannot find these decals anywhere online and so other than being able to get your hands on an original un-applied decal I believe that my SS decals are the very next best thing.

One can see from the very last photo a “real” SS decal sold on Kelly Hick’s website a while back.  This will highlight how close the decals I use match up to the real deal!!!

Price only $150 for the paint job, metallic white SS decal and appropriate aging.  The customer supplies the actual shell to be worked on unless I have some in stock in the size and model you are after.  I have included two sets of photos to show the difference between a white oxidized decal verses one that has been tea toned aged depending in customer preference.

Use your imagination SS-Normandy Camo, DD Waffen SS M35 etc…I can create any SS type helmet you can dream up.

$150 includes paint job, SS decal and appropriate aging if customer supplies the shell
$300 includes M42 shell, historically accurate paint job, metallic SS decal, aging
$395 same as above plus aged reproduction liner and chinstrap

Shipping: $15/USA   $20/Canada   $55/International

SOLD but please email us about creating another one for you.

Please call, text or email me if interested.
Tel/Text: 1-438-502-5052
Email Us: helmetsofwar@gmail.com

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