This is a great example of a rarely seen late war large sized M42 EF LW helmet in which a very rough and heavily textured paint was used.  As with most EF Luftwaffe helmets even the DD M35's the type of lacquer coating they used to protect the decal seems to almost always take on this same darkened yellow appearance due to the oxidization of the tropical lacquer resin they were using at the time.  I personally prefer EF M42 shells the most among all the shell designs as it has a characteristically flattened top and very wide back skirt and so very Dark Vaderish.  The liner is fully in tact and is made from pigskin which is why is looks like an old football inside and was probably not the most comfortable helmet to wear.   The decal is textbook EF and about 95% in tact.  I like larger sized helmets and so this one at a 66 will actually fit on your head if you are so inclined.  Luftwaffe EF M42 is least seen and rarest of the five makers and in this condition probably belongs in a textbook as a great EF example.

$750 SOLD

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