This is a fantastic example of how the Germans recycled and re-used almost everything during the final years of their war effort.  While their factories and cities were being leveled to the ground a general call was made out to veterans of WW1 to show up and sign up as part of the Volksstrurm Army bringing along with them in many cases their original WW1 helmets.  Most of these donated WW1 helmets were refurbished as quickly as possible by receiving a new liner system, chinstrap, outside textured painted job and fresh Heer decal.  This is one such example where the inside is left mainly in tact and still retains it’s WW1 lime green smooth paint finish.  Based on the overall condition of the outside which is pretty much as good as they come and the condition of the inside liner I would say that this helmet didn’t get to see very much action before coming into Allied hands.  The size is a nice large size 66 and is marked W which stands for the Hermann Weissenberger & Co. in Stuttgart-Cannstadt.  The chinstrap is late war unmarked but near perfect condition as is the buttery smooth late war liner system.  This late war brush applied textured paint finish tended to chip easily perhaps because it was laid over smooth WW1 paint and so didn’t get the chance to grip as tightly as the M40 and M42 models which were applied to bare shells.  The decal appears to be a Huber Jordan or some variant of that maker and is very clean and over 90% complete.  Overall this is a nice find and great example of the efforts made to economize production by the Wehrmacht during the later stages of the war effort.


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