This helmet is a fantastic example of an untouched all original Normandy camo helmet with a neatly painted around factory issued C.A. Pocher Heer decal typical of nearly all NS SD Heer helmets. Most camos seem to be Luftwaffe which makes sense since these men had a little more time on their hands than your typical front line Heer soldier who lacked the down time to paint an elaborate multicolored camo scheme.  The typical LW soldier also had access to a lot more vehicle paints and spray guns which is why Heer Normandy camos are often more simplistic and far less colorful. Also it should be noted that by the time that Normandy camo schemes were being applied from 1943-44 in anticipation of the Allied invasion that these helmets would have already seen several years of combat and field use and so in most cases the Heer decal would be scratched or badly damaged before the camo paint was applied.  What's great about this helmet is that the NS Pocher Heer decal was in great shape prior to the camo being painted on which is an even more of a rarity unto itself.

Unlike most Heer camos with only one or two colors applied this beauty stands out as an exception having at least three muted paint colors starting with a base coating of dark tan  followed by some reddish brown and dark green paint blotches at the rear suggesting that the theater of war is most likely somewhere along the southern front such as Greece, Italy, Ukraine or the Balkans where the tall grasses were more likely to be wheat colored and less lush and green as one would find in Belgium and the North of France where rainfall would be greater.

The solider who painted his name in white back on the rear skirt also took the time to carefully paint around his Heer decal suggesting a sense of pride in his unit or overall purpose as an invader.  The rear lot number is D109 suggesting a production date of 1941 with a wonderfully darkened sheepskin inside liner with no broken fingers or post war damage.

A clean mean beautiful Normandy machine is how I'd classify this recent find!!!

$2250 SOLD

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