This mid war M40 SD Heer is the nicest example I have personally ever laid eyes on with a near perfect 100% Bigfoot decal and 99% outside paint coverage.  This helmet really should be published in a reference book as it may very well be the nicest Quist SD Heer known in existence and therefore would be impossible to upgrade.  You just can’t find shelf Queens like this one out there that isn’t already tucked away inside some big shot’s private collection.

M40 model Quist factory made helmet in a medium size Q64 and rear lot number T742.  Since T, R, S and DN series lots appear to have all run concurrently it is difficult to pin down an exact year of production however according to the tannin color of the sheepskin leather I would give it a date of between 1941 and 43.

The chinstrap is in excellent condition and not maker marked on the long end by strangely enough on the short end I could make out a short stamping and so I couldn’t resist but to gently remove it and take photos of the mark which reads “L.L.G. Danzig” most likely referring to later war production in one of the factories in the Polish city of Danzig.


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