This M-35 is a beautiful factory issued Waffen-SS DD ET64 helmet produced in the eisenwerkes factory in the German city of Thale.  Most of these were over painted in textured feld grau during the war or re-issued as to 1940 specs and so it’s great to find an example untouched like this left in it’s original format.   The rear lot number is 3616 which according to Brian Ice’s lot data book suggests 1938 as it’s production year with the outer liner band being the earlier aluminum non-reinforced version and dated 1937.   The liner system and all pins, chinstrap, etc are completely untouched and in near mint condition with the chinstrap bearing the maker’s mark and dated 1938 Munchen.  The front left hand side of the inside liner does show some dark staining which may actually be the remnants of dried blood however this is highly speculative on my part.  The decals show your typical face down glue backed decals with a factory applied lacquer top coat.  The paint has a light apple green hue with a nice dull patina typical of early war helmets when the green was slightly lighter than in 1939/40.

I have shown this helmet to several experts i.e. men who have written books on this subject or who have impressive SS helmet collections themselves and the general consensus is that the SS decal is not an exact design of the C.A. Pocher version which most pre-war SS decals on ET produced helmets are.  They believe it to be slightly different in design to the C.A. Pocher factory SS and so not precisely textbook but perhaps a private purchase variant made at the time to replace damaged decals by the solider himself.  As a variant SS decal you will always have doubters and people questioning it and so I have priced the helmet accordingly.

Overall I doubt you will ever run into a finer example!!!


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